Our Zircon Filters have been specifically designed to fine-tune the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting.  

LED lighting has many benefits, but one of its stumbling blocks is that its intensity can contribute to the fade times of standard lighting filter.  In order to overcome this, the LEE Filters Research and Development team has developed a new method of production, to ensure filters last longer when used in conjunction with LED lights.

Not only are Zircon filters longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they're sturdier too.  Manufactured using a 180-Micron material, they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter.  This makes them more durable and easy to use.

819 Zircon Cool Blue 8 is a longer life filter used to slightly cool down warm white LEDs so that they look whiter.  Example: 2700K LED to 3000K

Full technical specifications for 819 Zircon Cool Blue 8 can be found here.

Sheet Size - 61cm x 61cm (24in x 24in)

Also available in rolls - 3.05m x 1.2m (10ft x 4ft)