Applies to standard lens adaptor 49mm-82mm and wide angle lens adaptor 43mm-82mm.  Add the adaptor ring to your cart and the adaptor ring will be discounted during checkout.

*Offer valid until 30th June 2022


Based on over 25 years of filter holder experience, extensive customer feedback and product testing, the LEE100 Filter Holder has been developed to make the experience of using filters quicker and more intuitive than ever.

The LEE100 Holder is:

  • Precision engineered - sturdy, durable and 16% lighter the previous 100mm filter system
  • Ergonomic - attach and remove with one hand
  • Spring release and locking ring - lock filters into position
  • Modular filter-guide blocks - configure for one, two or three filters

The Holder attaches to the lens via adaptor rings which enable the same filters to be used across a wide range of lenses. This means ND Grads, Stoppers, Polarisers and more can be combined and rotated for precise exposure control and almost limitless creative options.

It is fully compatible with all existing adaptor rings and filters.