The LEE100 Filter System is designed by photographers, for photographers, with a combination of all the best aspects of our previous holder with enhanced features that deliver a faster and more intuitive experience.

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  • 105mm Accessory Ring

    The 105mm Accessory Ring from LEE Filters will mount on the front of the LEE Foundation Kit (100mm filter holder) and allows the use of 105mm threaded accessories such as the 105mm Circular...
  • 105mm Circular Polariser

    Original LEE Filters 105mm Circular Polariser screw-in is designed for the 100mm Foundation kit holder, 105mm Front holder Accessory ring is required to attach it - found here. This filter can...
    £283.20 £119.00
  • 105mm Landscape Polariser

    Original LEE Filters 105mm Landscape Polariser screw-in is designed for the 100mm Foundation Kit holder, 105mm Front holder Accessory ring is required to attach it - found here. The Polariser...
  • 105mm Linear Polariser

    Original LEE Filters 105mm Linear Polariser screw-in is designed for the 100mm Foundation Kit Holder, also requires 105mm Front holder Accessory Ring to attach it - found here. This filter can...
  • B10087C

    Polyester Camera 87C Infra-Red Transmission Filter 100 x 100mm LEE 87C absorbs all visible light up to approx. 780nm. It is primarily used as a camera filter for infra-red photography....
  • LEE Back Plate Complete Retaining Assembly for 100mm Foundation Kit

    Brass spring clip assembly for the older style 100mm Foundation Kit Holder.  Designed to clip the holder firmly onto the adaptor ring.   Consists of: Wedge Pin Nut/screw Spring
  • LEE Filters Camera Filter Pouch 100mm x 100mm

    LEE Filters Camera Filter Pouch. A cushioned black carbon effect pouch to protect your camera filter, with Velcro fastening. Size: designed to suit LEE Filters 100mm x 100mm, 2mm thick camera...
  • LEE Filters Camera Filter Pouch 100mm x 150mm

    LEE Filters Camera Filter Pouch A cushioned black carbon effect filter pouch with Velcro fastening. Size: Designed to suit LEE Filters camera filter 100mm x 150mm, 2mm thick  
  • LEE Filters LEE100 Big Stopper, 10 Stop Long Exposure Filter

    The Big Stopper is a long exposure filter that reduces the amount of light entering your lens by 10 stops. By greatly extending exposure times, the Big Stopper has the...
  • LEE Filters LEE100 Deluxe Kit+

    Introducing the LEE100 Deluxe Kit+ The LEE100 Deluxe Kit+ is the perfect out-of-the-box solution for landscape photographers who want total control over their images. It includes everything you need to...
  • LEE Filters LEE100 Holder

      Based on over 25 years of filter holder experience, extensive customer feedback and product testing, the LEE100 Filter Holder has been developed to make the experience of using filters quicker and...
    £92.40 £73.50
  • LEE Filters LEE100 Little Stopper

    The Little Stopper is a Long Exposure filter that reduces the light entering your lens by six stops. It is ideal for those low-light conditions at the beginning and end...
  • LEE Filters LEE100 Long Exposure Kit

    The Long Exposure Kit is everything you need for a perfect introduction to the addictive world of long exposure photography. It includes both the Little and Big Stoppers for complete exposure...
  • LEE Filters LEE100 Polariser

    The LEE100 Polariser is thin and lightweight, designed to make attaching and using a polarising filter quick and simple. Constructed using a new lightweight, high-transmission polariser glass, with a subtle...
    £258.00 £199.00
  • LEE Filters Spares Pack

    The LEE Filters Spares Pack provides spare filter blocks and removal tool for the LEE85 and LEE100 Holder, along with a handy storage pouch. Included in this comprehensive pack is:...
  • LEE100 0.3 ND Grad Hard

    The LEE100 0.3 (1 Stop) Neutral Density Hard Grad has a tight gradation between the dark and clear areas of the filter. This allows the photographer to selectively adjust exposure...
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