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  • LEE85 Deluxe Kit

    The LEE85 Deluxe Kit contains everything you need for creative photography on a smaller bodied camera. Whether you need to balance the exposure between sky and foreground, eliminate distracting reflections...
  • LEE85 Develop Kit

    The Develop Kit is for those looking to develop their photography with creative long-exposures and effective contrast control. This kit includes a Big Stopper to control exposure as well as...
  • LEE85 Discover Kit

    The LEE85 Discover Kit is the simplest way to get started if you enjoy the portability of a compact system camera but want to start experimenting with the creative power...
  • LEE85 Aspire Kit

    The LEE85 Aspire Kit is for aspiring professionals using smaller bodied cameras, who need to manage contrast and exposure in different lighting conditions. With two ND grads and a Big...
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