The LEE100 Filter System is designed by photographers, for photographers, with a combination of all the best aspects of our previous holder with enhanced features that deliver a faster and more intuitive experience.

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  • LEE100 Colour Grad Set

    This Colour Grad Set set is particularly effective at introducing special effects, by colouring just one section of the frame. By combining two or more filters in the same holder,...
  • LEE100 Coral Set

    The Coral Set – which ranges in strength from pale to mid tone – has a variety of uses. When placed across the sky, a warm, soft orange hue is...
    £162.00 £120.00
  • LEE100 Landscape Set

    The Landscape Set is designed to compliment the landscape, whether rural, suburban or busy city centre. The Real Blue 2 brings intensity to faded skies, while an inverted Straw 3...
  • LEE100 Net Set

    Based on the type of net filter which is commonly used in cinematography, this Net Set creates a subtle soft focus effect. Additionally, the black net filters increase contrast, while...
  • LEE100 Neutral Density Grad Hard Set

     A set of 3 Neutral Density Graduated filters for the LEE100 system, with a hard edge transition. Ideal for photography where you have a definite horizon and some sky in...
  • LEE100 Neutral Density Grad Medium Set

      A set of 3 Neutral Density Graduated filters for the LEE100 system, with a Medium edge transition. The perfect all-rounders for general landscape photography, these Medium edge grads will improve your...
  • LEE100 Neutral Density Grad Soft Set

      A set of 3 Neutral Density Graduated filters for the LEE100 system, with a Soft edge transition. Ideal for photography under canopies in woodland or where you have no definite horizon....
  • LEE100 Neutral Density Grad Very Hard Set

      A set of 3 Neutral Density Graduated filters for the LEE100 system, with a Very Hard edge transition. Ideal for seascapes and any images with a very definite, flat horizon. Filter...
    £268.80 £200.00
  • LEE100 Pale Tint Set

    The Pale Tint Set features colour filters is the palest of its range. The colours in this set allow the photographer to introduce the subtlest hints of tone to selected...
    £168.00 £120.00
  • LEE100 Pop Set

    The primary colours of red, green and blue form the basis of the Pop Set. Like a more intense version of the Colour Grad Set, it can be used creatively to...
    £162.00 £120.00
  • LEE100 Sunrise Set

    The light at dawn tends to be rather paler and more subtle than at sunset, and the Sunrise Set reflects this. The strong yellow of the Straw 2 acts as a...
  • LEE100 Sunset Set

    The popular LEE100 Sunset Set adds warmth and definition to both sky and landscape, enhancing the natural colours created by sunsets. This set include 3 filters: Sunset Yellow - the...
  • LEE100 Twilight Set

    For a more subtle effect the Twilight Set contains a paler, thinner version of LEE Filter’s Coral Stripe filter. It is teamed with a Mahogany 3 Grad, which gives an...
    £162.00 £120.00
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